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The prank I WISH I could pull.

Can you imagine how it would go if you could do this?
A promo for the new Carrie Remake. Bwhahahahaha!


Oh man. I wish. And in the past, I have engineered a few doozies.




Well, it is that time again. All the Pumpkins, the rain. The Blech.

But, Halloween is only 28 short days away! (There is a countdown on the sidebar. The ladies check it daily)

I was rummaging around in my Hard drive here., and found an old gif. It was my first foray into animation, from 1998.
We shall now call him, Dancing George.

Take it away George.....

DancingGeorge1 photo test_zpsdb3efaeb.gif

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Avast ye landlubbers!

It be talk like a Pirate day!
Confuse yer friends! Amaze yer cohorts!

Someone pisses ya off? Swab the decks with em!

Happy International Talk like a pirate day!

Halloween ponderings....

The little ones are already deciding on the Halloween costumes. Today, the smallest wants to be Toothless the Dragon.

This is actually a very cool idea, because Toothless is very much like a black cat. Stay tuned, we may even get some pics when the costume is made. 


Unless there is some mindo chango that goes on. Very possible.


Blonde ambition. Tunes.

Listening to old Blondie today in the batcave....

From the CBGB days, around the same time the Ramones were playing there....

To round off this episode of Blonde Ambition? 

Beowulf, rediscovered?

Possibly a very cool discovery....


The background behind England’s earliest literary masterpiece, the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf, is being explored in a major archaeological investigation in Denmark.

Sounds like it was quite the place to partay!

The team has also confirmed that the halls were indeed used for vast feasts. In a study completed earlier this year, analysis of feasting debris – particularly from the area around the site of the feasting hall that dates from the era associated with Beowulf – has pointed to the
remains of hundreds of individual animals including suckling pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, deer, chicken, geese, ducks and fish.

I went and reread it....It is an awesome work. 

The strange tale of a sock vortex...

It's in my house. So far this week it's eaten my concealer, my Zippo lighter and now this post.

Where will it end?
The cat tries to hold it down, we call him Captain Gravity. Hes the unknown Superhero.


Laziest. Spammer. Ever!

Received in my Spam folder today:

(no subject)


10:37 PM (8 hours ago)

Your ID was allocated 1.MILLION POUNDS in our 2013 DRAW.Send Name.


There is no creativity in this one! He/she is not doing it for the love of spamming obviously....At least all the other ones bless me. 





Cleaning out the cupboards.

Here in the Batcave, it has been very quiet online as perhaps some have noticed.

But, I have been making some headway in cleaning out the jetsom and flotsam that have invaded this space. There's a whole bin (the massive kind you rent. Like on that show, hoarders) full. **GULP*

But the stuff in the bin? It's mostly not mine, so. Onward.

I have also been going through some of my very old files on my PC. I am a file hoarder.
I rarely delete anything, and sorting is definitely not on my priority list. Its like a treasure hunt every few years! I am amazed at how I could have forgotten the one where the Border Collie LOOKS to see is anyone is looking, and then sneaks the hamburger off the table behind the kids backs......

But, I digress.

I found this one again. I have posted it on youtube in all its raw glory. It cracks me up when I need a smile. The little star is now 8, and looks nothing like the little Campbell's soup baby anymore......33 seconds.

happy Summer.

Still here!

I keep saying that the bastids tried to kill me.

I mean the hospital that totally screwed up my right leg with their complete incompetence. Deep vein thrombosis, (they called it "extensive" and "massive") with a side order of Pseudo aneurism.
Going in for an angiogram? Be very careful, they can be life threatening if done wrong. They don't say that in the hospital, they warn that it may just cause some bad bruising. They never said that I would be in and out of hospital for months, need surgery to fix their fuckup, the pain....etc.
They won't even admit they fucked up. They just all nod and talk about possible complications. CYA.

It's been a long long road here, but I am finally working a few days a week and functioning almost normally. I cant lift yet, it makes it hurt near my surgery scar. Think that will go on for a while. My leg feels itchy, inside. It's bizarre. No way to scratch it.

The thing is, this has all had further reaching complications that I never ever dreamed of. You cannot live on the edge for so many months with no repercussions I guess.

Still stupid in BC.

Was there ever any doubt?

What happened with the polls? No one knows for sure.

But we just lost another whack of IQ points as a province.

A big ol'Fuck you to anyone who voted for the BC Lieberals, obviously you havent felt the pain so many of us have these last years. Masochism.

Peak Pyridium!

Ok, this one is mostly for us gurls.
The dreaded UTI hits. Some of us are used to getting them, and used to scrambling to get medical help as soon as possible. Drink that water, and make sure that you are near a loo at all times.
The pain is amazing at times, and just bloody makes it impossible to do anything.

I used to get a lot more of these but fortunately it has been a while. 6 years?

Until yesterday.....(cue the ominous dum dum dum!)

So when I was there at the doctors office, I asked for a good'ol standby, Pyridium.  Nasty stuff, but totally a lifesaver. It's an actual gawdsend when the UTI hits -until the antibiotics can kick a can'o'whoopass on the bacteria.

It has been discontinued in Canada.

You serious I said? WTF?

He wrote it on the RX just for the hell of it. 

At the Pharmacy.....

Happy Chocolate day, and the true story of Jeshua Cottontail.

It's going to be a fabulous sunny day here!
While billions celebrate the whole religious deal, we just enjoy the turkey on sale, and the following Monday, Happy discount Chocolate day!
Of course the bunny was here, the little ones awoke verrrrrrrrrrry early to go on an Easter egg hunt, and man are they pissed that they cannot until the rest of the family gets out of bed.

Have you ever heard the real story of Jeshua Cottontail? Posting again this year. 

Ostara happened back on March the 20th. Spring is here. 
I have my sandals out already.

BC Liberals outsourced public opinion poll from Virginia?

Either that or Enbridge....

Country: USA
Location: Virginia (Alexandria, Annandale, Arlington)

The questions were about my commute to work, the reasons I oppose the pipeline, and what my opinion is of Enbridge. Environmental, First Nations objections, Risk to waterways.....etc
(Note: All of the above was not an option)

Funny that eh?
The next question was about what it would take to buy errrr secure mysupport for this environmental disaster; more oversight, JOBS!

Look to the right there at my blog badge and you can pretty much guess how I answered.

Major piss off, is they have to outsource a public opinion poll to the US. Scum of the earth, whomever is paying for this one.

 Just another slap in the face from the corporate masters. 


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