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National Day of protest.

Today, all across Canada people are going to gather to protest the Secret "security and prosperity partnership" of North America.

Deregulating across the board, adopting the lowest possible standards and making the corporations of this continent the new Government.

They think we would be bored with all those pesky details.

The “boring” details of integration

Weddings always make me cry....

Not for the usual reasons, but I'm jaded and cynical and not getting into that...heh.

Let's just take a moment here to be happy and to rejoice that at least some things in Canada are progressive and equal.

Kings-Hants MP Scott Brison and Maxime St. Pierre walked down the aisle to It's A Wonderful World and walked back to I Can See Clearly Now, the Rain Has Gone


It was a historic wedding, as Brison became the first MP to marry a same-sex partner.
The happy couple, who wore summer suits, seemed nervous at the beginning of the ceremony, Dryden said.

Brison, partner wed in Hants Co

A who is who of political figures past and present were there to wish the couple well on their journey into marriage.

Can we talk? Um....no.

So, I've been hanging out over at JJ's place - Unrepentant Old Hippie. Somehow she's got herself on the radar of some obsessive wingnut anti-abortion bloggers. In the interest of not driving up their traffic or giving them any kind of credit whatsoever, I'm not going to link to them or mention their names. What I will say is that these people have what appears to be an unhealthy fixation on abortion. I mean, bordering (or not!) on pathological.




August 20th is fast approaching. The Council of Canadians, the Blogs, and now the Green parties of BOTH Canada, and the US are all working towards getting average Canadians and Americans to acknowledge what is going on.

Our progressive Friends to the south of us are immersed in exposing scandals and are experiencing daily terminal outrage (rightly so) at the constant crimes against humanity and constitutional law.

But just for a bit we should all be paying far more attention to a meeting happening on August the 20th, in Montebello Quebec, in the country of Canada under the innocuous letters S.P.P.

Also known as NAFTA-lite. Greenman calls it the B.O.I.D. (BEND OVER ILL DRIVE.)

Help is needed. Peruvian earthquake

The death toll from a 7.9-magnitude earthquake that rocked Peru's coast near Lima rose to 450 on Thursday, according to the UN assistant secretary general. Margareta Wahlstrom said in New York the number of lives lost is expected to climb higher.

 Death toll in Peruvian earthquake rises to 450

A Creative Revolution, has sent in a small $25 dollar donation to the Canadian Red Cross and designated it to the Peru Earthquake.

If you have more to spare please go for it.

Donate Now!

Lead to the slaughter.

The recalls of Chinese imported goods continue. On almost a weekly basis we hear about some product that contains lead, or is just a hazard by its construction.

Toys painted with lead.

Mattel apologizes for massive toy recall

Wait, theres more!

More than 18 million Mattel toys on recall globally

Baby bibs that contain three times the amount of lead levels considered to be safe.

Wal-Mart issues voluntary recall of lead-containing baby bibs

Some Baby Bibs Said to Contain Levels of Lead: Toys R US


Musical Chairs.......

Harper shuffled his cabinet today, just a tad.

Pop! goes the weasels

He needed to dump O'Connor who has been a public relations nightmare as O'Connor just seems so unaware, or tells outright lies.

So the new minister of defence is the man with no dog, Peter McKay. Lots of experience that has absolutely nothing to do with defence of course.

 After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Acadia University in 1987, MacKay then studied Law at Dalhousie University and was called to the Nova Scotia Bar in June 1991. He worked as a lawyer for the law firm of Thyssen Henschel in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and in Düsseldorf and Kassel, Germany. In 1993, MacKay accepted an appointment as Crown Attorney for the Central Region of Nova Scotia. He prosecuted cases at all levels, including youth and provincial courts as well as the Supreme Court of Canada.


Gonzales the Executioner. RANT.

Now this is the way to make a bad situation worse....Handing the final decision of life or death to someone who doesn't respect life, liberty or anything except the word of his masters. Someone who refers to the Constitution of the United States as, "quaint". That same someone who took an oath to defend and protect that same "godamned piece of paper."

Someone who would justify the torture of human beings, and break international law.

The Justice Department is putting the final touches on regulations that could give Atty. Gen. Alberto R. Gonzales important new sway over death penalty cases in California and other states, including the power to shorten the time that death row inmates have to appeal convictions to federal courts.

Gonzales could get say in states' executions

We win!...this one.

UPDATE on a story I wrote about a short while back. Silent witness.

The Sunshine Coast regional district ordered Western Forest Products to cease logging the Chapman Creek Watershed.

For the first time in British Columbia, perhaps in Canada, logging has been ordered stopped in a watershed because it poses a potential “health hazard” to downstream communities.

In an unusual move, the Sunshine Coast Regional District used the Health Act to protect its drinking water by ordering Western Forest Products Inc. to stop logging on steep slopes in the Chapman Creek watershed.

The mountainous, thickly forested watershed provides drinking water to about 21,000 residents on the Sunshine Coast, between Langdale and Earl's Cove, north of Vancouver.

Sunshine Coast logging labelled 'health hazard'

This will be a huge decision, that could spread through other parts of BC, and indeed to other parts of Canada.

The United Corporate States of North America.

Sidewalk chalk is graffiti. and walking home from a peaceful protest is assaulting an officer.

 Well now that that's cleared up.

In Ottawa, this weekends peaceful protest ended in two arrests.  Its ok for RCMP to harass and provoke and then to make shit up.

Seems to be a trend in Canada. I'm working on finding video footage I have seen mentioned in a few places.

The once proud police force reduced to being mall security for the corporate hacks that are trying to sell us down 'da river.

Sawyer, 32, and Matthew Morgan-Brown, 31, were arrested and charged with assaulting police after a demonstration by an estimated 50 to 80 people outside the Fairmont Château Laurier hotel on Saturday.

The protest was against the 2005 Security and Prosperity Partnership pact, which will be discussed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, U.S. President George W. Bush and Mexican President Felipe Calderon at the summit in Quebec on Aug. 20 and 21.

Rhinoceros theatre.....

Just a quickie from the road, Ill be back at my main desktop this evening.... I miss my coffeepot, my desk and my darling Eugene.... Ill be home soon Prole...heh

They are back?

Back in 1993, the PC party stripped them of their status, seized any assets, and declared them a non party. But the silliness continues....


The Rhinoceros Party has launched a lawsuit against the Federal government to strike down a law meant to discourage small political parties.

The Revenge of the Rhinoceros Party

The Party head, Brian Salmi may have the last laugh however, as it appears that the law that was written to kill off small parties may be unconstitutional.

In 2001 he was convincing enough to have a trial ordered, but the next judge refused to hear arguments from a clown.

Weekend News Round-Up and Open Thread

Well, your lone blogging mistress has been working herself into a state of utter exhaustion this week, so here's the quick and dirty.  *Pale - please come home soon!

This weekend, if possible, get yourself away from light pollution and outside at night to view the Perseid meteor shower.  From CBC:

This year, the meteor shower will light up the skies late Sunday and be at its brightest early Monday from 1 a.m. until 4 a.m. ET, when sky watchers could see 60 to 90 streaks of light per hour, said U.S. astronomer Tom Van Flandern.


Also from CBC, 9-yr old Cedrika Provencher is still missing.  Poor babe.  Please go to the link, look at her picture, and call the police if you think you've seen her or know anything about her disappearance.  

President Steve Puffs Up

Steve has vowed - VOWED! to defend Canada's sovereignty over the Arctic.

Even though Global Warming is a myth perpetuated by Al Gore and George Soros and Mecha-Zombie-Hitler to impoverish and enslave the human race under a One World Super Granola government, in which case this will all be moot because the North Pole will once again solidify, everybody seems to want a piece of that sweet Arctic action.

The Russians sent a submarine a-courtin'. They planted a flag there. Is that how it's still done? You go somewhere and if you're the first flag, you get to say it's yours? Well roll over, Russia, there's four other potential suitors looking to get into the Artic's seabed: Norway, Denmark, The Republic Under Bush, and Canada. There's that whole Hans Island thing with Denmark already, which I just learned about today at this here link to CNN. What I didn't learn is why the island is such a hot property, to the point of potential boycotts of pastry. Is it filled with gold? Magic powers? Alien landing strip?

Bitch, Puh-lease. a rant

Every time I read the NYT, something royally pisses me off. If it's not the horrible, stressful, complicated and exhausting lives of multi-millionaires in Silicon Valley, it's something else. This time, it's something that I've actually joked about over at The Next Agenda in the past.  

Say someone decided (4.22 / 9) the word "bitch" was declared illegal to say due to its sexist connotations. What do you think the first thing I would say upon hearing the news? "Bitch, puh-lease!" You can't make words illegal. You can confront someone about saying a word that you think is offensive or inappropriate. You can even say they're an asshole for saying it. But you can't say, "it is now illegal to utter that word". That is a patently abysmal idea.

The New York City Council is gunning for a city-wide ban of the word "bitch".  Oy.  Ain't that a bitch. 


Ever since I figured out the best way to run an extension cord outside of my new place, I've been patio blogging. An interesting thing - I can see the Peace Arch from here. Most days it makes me laugh, as there is some irony in being able to view it from my new home. I had some significant problems with my initial immigration application, and was harshly and cruelly (IMHO) turned back at that very border, with a full U-Haul, a sedated cat, and a stack of papers that weren't even looked at by the troll shrieking harpie Immigration officer. (Long story short - very,very bad lawyer.)

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