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Silent witness. UPDATE

Before North America was found by the Europeans, while we were still living in the dark ages.

Through storms and fires, while the world was busy with many wars and went through many famines, through droughts and disasters.

The silent witness withstood so many things, and grew and flourished for 1000 years. A home to many other creatures, and part of one of the last standing rainforest's of the world...... 

Heres a vid taken by Sunshine Coast Citizens Concerned with Responsible Development
temperate rainforest

Photo by Garth Lenz From the site: Friends of Clayquot sound.

Until last week, when a logging company downed an ancient treasure.

Updated: Strahl Stalled. What Happens Next?

Minister of Agriculture and Agrifood Chuck Strahl and by extension Prime Minister Steve, were on the receiving end of a Federal Court smack down Tuesday which in essence reminds them that when they try to govern our nation by executive fiat they are breaking the law.

“In a ruling issued Tuesday, Federal Court Judge Dolores Hansen said the government overstepped its authority in trying to end the monopoly through a simple cabinet order.


The government changed the board's barley-handling through regulations approved by the Conservative cabinet.

Critics successfully argued changes in the powers of the CWB can only be made by a vote of Parliament — something that could be blocked by the opposition.” 

Calling dibbs...


dibbs on the arctic


This reads like a story from the days of the Explorers....Well, except for the part where its a mini Submarine as the vessel, and the part where its a flag in a titanium capsule.  

The Russians have called dibbs on the largest part of the North Pole. Its perhaps a very lucrative and oil rich area.

The region is currently divided among Canada, the United States, Norway, Russia and Denmark. Russia is claiming a larger area, saying that the Arctic seabed and Siberia are linked by the same continental shelf. The UN rejected the claim, citing lack of evidence, but the country is set to resubmit the application in 2009

Russia plants flag staking claim to Arctic region

Moral Authority From the USA? Hahahahahaha!

File under: Well that's rich. 

The US House of Representatives, while failing to begin impeachment proceedings on the most criminal administration ever, today got some real important bipartisan work done.  Health care?  No.  Ending the war?  No.  Stopping the slavery of the Northern Marianas Islands?  Hah!

"THE US House of Representatives today unanimously passed a resolution demanding Ottawa end the hunting of baby seals in Canada."

The hell, you say. 

The resolution was introduced by Reps. Tom Lantos (D- California) and Christopher Shays (R - Connecticuit).  Says Lantos, this "inhumane practice is far beneath the dignity of the people of Canada".  How nice, a lecture on dignity from a member of the US Congress.  From California. 

From the Republican:

Mr Shays said: "I oppose the cruel practice of killing hundreds of thousands of young seals, as well as the environmental impact of this practice."

Harper's Incredible One Man Band

Its hasn't been the easiest of times for the Harper Conservatives. They are feeling pretty wounded by the lack of support for legislation they want to pass as part of their "agenda".

They feel unloved in the polls, as they seem to be stuck where they were when elected into a minority government, by only 36% of the population. 

Today 149 of them go on a three day summer retreat, to "discuss" new ideas, and directions they can go in the coming year.

But as the article I read this morning points out, anything that is decided, will be by the final word of the Canadian Decider; PM Harper.

During Harper's time as the leader of the opposition, he was vocal to an extreme about pointing out perceived government corruption and secrecy.

Steve, talking about the sponsorship scandal:

"This scandal did not happen because of bad public servants or poor auditors," he said of the sponsorship affair, in which tens of millions of dollars went to Quebec ad agencies for little or no work.

Brain Drain Clogged

If you have mid-length to long hair, or live with someone who does, you are no stranger to the clogged drains. At some point, when you get sick of taking a shower in water up to your shins, you go and get the remnant of wire hanger that you initially cut up to clean your pipe, and start ramming it around in the drain. What you come up with is the gruesome wad of hair and slime that has been preventing your tub from draining. The clog.

If you're from outside the US, you're most likely familiar with the term "brain drain". It's where a lot of the best and brightest from a country immigrate, taking their talent and capital with them, to the US. Sometimes it's to escape persecution or oppression, but often it's for lower taxes, more money, or opportunity. Shortage of doctors and nurses? Brain drain. Lacking academics? Brain drain. Can't find that special someone? Comedians suddenly missing? Yep. Brain drain.

Bottled messages.

I was reading an article in the Walrus July/August edition this weekend and its made me stop and think a few times.

The Author is also pondering, his question: Charisma in politicians.

What makes regular people actually like the person that they are considering voting for? Does it help when we see them in human moments, like when they appear on the Mercer report?

Apparently for many people this causes them to receive some sort of subconscious signal that the politician must be ok, "look! Hes petting a dog!" or "awwwwwwwwww, he's kissing a baby....."

Is that really enough to sway a voter? What about policy and ideas? Does the average Canadian base what they do at the ballot box on dog and pony shows and charisma?

No matter if you loved or hated Pierre Elliott Trudeau, he stood out in the pack. Well spoken, acerbic, highly intelligent and playful at times. You never quite knew what he would say, and the press followed him like a gaggle of geese. The master of the message.

Spit It Out Already!

So - you've been lurking around. That's great! At this particular moment in time, our special spooky hit counter is showing 430 unique visitors. Not too shabby for less than a month of existence!   We've been added to the blogrolls of the very coolest in Canadian blogging - Canadian Cynic (I LOVE YOU GUYS!), Jim Bobby Sez, and Unrepentant Old Hippie.  (We're still waiting to be accepted by Progressive Bloggers.)  

Tapped for a Suckah

I'm going to admit something. Come closer, let me whisper it to you...I got influenced pretty badly by advertising when I used to watch a lot of TV and read a lot of magazines. But I had an "a-ha!" moment several years back when I was watching the "The Manchurian Candidate".

Nah, it's not what you think. I'm talking about the scene where Frank Sinatra pours himself a drink. He goes to the bathroom sink and gets the water for his whiskey straight from the tap. I thought to myself, "Gross!" And then I thought, "Hmmm. Why do I find that gross?" Yep, several years of indoctrination by the marketing departments of bottled water pimps had my impressionable young mind convinced that tap water was icky, dirty, and to be avoided.

From the files of: IT wasn't me!!!

Burnaby BC, Canada. Oil Spill....

Nope it wasn't a tanker.

Nope, not a truck.

It was a guy with a backhoe and an oil pipeline that probably wasn't correctly placed on a map.

Can this get any more stupid? Well, of course it can.

BURNABY, B.C. — Three days after a construction contractor in the Vancouver suburb of Burnaby punctured an oil pipeline carrying heavy crude oil, the president of the company that runs the pipeline says he can’t say whether his company’s maps are inaccurate.

Still unclear who’s at fault in B.C. oil mess

The fingers are loaded and pointed.....

Its official. New Government, has gotten OLD. UPDATE

We had such fun with that phrase just a few short months ago...

 Canada's New Government. (TM)


The Harper Conservatives have been hammering that for 18 months now, and it seems that there are a lot of people that say its gotten irritating, many that thought it was wrong to use in the first place, and many that think it no longer applies.

It really struck me as a mistake of "branding". Our governments and political parties have brands. What shall their new one be? What inspiration shall they find?

.McDonald's: "I'm lovin it".

Stomach cramps I'm not lovin so much. Same with the Harper Conservatives in many ways.

Debeers: A diamond is forever

No. Thats too depressing, and sounds rather like "el presidente for life." George Bush would like that one however.

Dial Soap: Aren't you glad you use dial ? Don't you wish everybody did? 

An offer you can't refuse......


"Mr.Harper is a man who insists on hearing bad news immediately."


Or I guess you could call it a "tithe"?

I read this report this morning, and its making me shake my head, and giggle of course......

Tories facing $1,000 conflict

Senior political staff in the Harper government say they have been asked to donate $1,000 to the Conservative Party, a move that has sparked resentment among some of the most stalwart supporters of the Prime Minister's Office.

“The kids are not happy,” said one senior official who agreed to make the donation. “People really are not impressed.”

Emphasis mine.....

Y'all Come Back and Visit Now... When You Can't Stay Long

Moving is a bitch. Really. Alongside weddings, funerals, natural disasters and starting a new job packing up your belongings and uprooting from one location to another is one of the most stressful events in a person’s lifetime. Better emphasize ‘events’ plural. Most of us have likely dealt with multiple moves in a brief time span.  I know I have, how 'bout you?

Sometimes, though, it’s simply a case of a bitch is moving. Make that a rather irritable bitch. 

My Chicago schedule did not include moving but what the hell. By my count, excluding moves made during college years, I've moved home 42 times. That includes changing countries six times. When the hotel at which we are staying mentioned that our lease was up -- we had not anticipated needing to stay much into July -- the irritation of a move was upon us, that is to say, upon me, because men and moves are mutually exclusive. Predictably, the jurors' announcement that they were having trouble coming to a verdict coincided with peak inconvenience as I stood stranded amidst boxes.

Vote for me! I'LL EAT A BUG!!! News roundup.

Mitt Romney, who hopes to win the nomination as the Republican Presidential candidate, will do pretty much anything to win votes....


Ronmey will eat a bug!

This guy has no shame. "Obama Osama" appeared on the real pic. Romney says he didn't look at what the sign said. OOPS. Better pay attention, it makes it look like you condone the message, now doesn't it?

Ontario Tory, does something good!

I like to give credit, where credit is due.

Toronto - Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Leader John Tory would like the province to catch up with the rest of the country when it comes to legislation protecting household pets

Tory promises tougher animal cruelty laws

Now, can we do more for kids who are living in poverty and or abusive situations too?

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