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BC notes; upcoming election. How stoopid do you have to be to vote for The Libs again?

These last years in BC with the "Liberals" in charge have taken a toll on many of us.
Part of that cost has been the cynicism and distrust in anything any politician has to say. The BC Liberals lie to our faces.

Gordo resigned after the big HST debacle, you may remember that was where he lied and said that that tax was not even under consideration, and then rammed it down our throats anyway. Add to that the many many other shameful acts that party has committed in the name of "balancing" the budget.

Farewell Flanagan! uh huh. w/ update

Probably not, he will just hide under a rock until his "advice" is needed.
It always is. He just went too far this time, and needs to disappear for a while.

We shall be seeing Flanagan 2.0 soon enough. He will be suddenly enlightened.... or something. He will never say what he really thinks again. He sits on too many think tanks distributing his brand of politics. and they need his "brand".

Yanno, the Harper govt has a distinct pattern of not protecting children. Sure, fetuses are to be protected, kids? Flanagan has said vile and awful things before, but the Harper Govt is so full of sociopaths and horrible people, that most of his stuff passes.

It's OK to be a sexist pig. OK to be a racist, it's OK to advocate for political assassinations, but saying that child porn is a "victimless crime" stirred too many up in the Harper base. 

A penny for your thoughts?

Pennywise, pound foolish?

A penny saved is a penny earned

Worth every penny.

Today the penny starts it's journey to being the new record/rotary phone/typewriters.

It will forever have a place in our culture, as vinyl records do in speech, and the old phones do in clipart and computer icons.

Kind of weird to think that in a few years the kids will have no idea how heavy these things were to carry around.
Even the googledoodle is commemorating this day.

I have a coffee can full of pennies on the fridge, I will just leave them there. It's a wonderful weighty thing....

But the best tribute of all, to the much maligned penny will live on in worn cliches.

Like a bad penny, they will always turn up!

Salty language!

In my latest health odyssey (Trip thru the medical purgatory of hospital incompetence) I have had lots of time to perseverate on my diet and other things.

I am now on a lower salt diet in an attempt to lower the ol' BP even more. I find the BP meds pretty crappy. There is a side effect for everything. It's like making a wish, there is a good and bad.
I hate big pharma more and more, daily.
I would like to stop taking this bullshit medication.

So, My own tips for navigating this new world:

Cheese is a big no no. Swiss is ok in moderation, it's the lowest in sodium.

I found low salt potato chips, not bad. I don't eat massive amounts anyway, just a handful every few days. It fills the salt/treat void.

Soy sauce is deadly for sodium, so that's off my list. Using low sodium soup stock now in place of a lot of salt stuff. I made chow mien the other day, no soy sauce.

Peanut butter and onions. Yup, that is the current breakfast food in my life. I get the all natural peanut butter. No added salt, sugar or fat. On homemade bread, toasted.

Corporate welfare queens SUN News ask for more handouts. So they admit Free market is a fake.

Yup. The same free market prophets that consistently bitch and whine about FREEDUM and preach hateful things about all the not white people. SUN TV.

They have applied for mandatory carriage with the CRTC.
Its because they say they are losing MILLIONS a year because no one wants to pay extra for their particular brand of pig slop.

Geeze. Why don't they advertise then? Like other multimillion dollar corporations have to do?
Because they are them. And we are us. 

I pay enough already for cable.

Plenty enough, and yanno? I don't want to pay extra so that Ezra can keep standing on his bully pulpit spewing racist, oil funded-climate change denial bullshit. I don't want to pay so that Brian Lilley can keep preaching his own brand of stoopid.

Happy ho ho! Merry War on Christmas!

I hope Santa was good to all the good boyz and girlz.

We are sitting here in the Batcave having a quiet holiday. Its a scaled down affair.
The kidlets are happy with whatever Santa brought, which with today's consumer kids is amazing in and of itself. They got a whole lot of art supplies.
The grownups here are happy the lights are on and that there is food in the fridge. LOL

As for wishes, I am just hoping to be able to walk this coming year.

And although we are all supposed to celebrate good will and cheer and all that stuff, I sincerely hope a certain Dr gets a stocking full of reindeer shit. :)

Now, some tolerable Christmas songs! Heh.

Carol of the Bells.......Sorta. But totally awesome!

So. How many of these incidents need to happen before we kick the Canadian gun lobby to the curb?

Check it out!

As Star writer Tonda MacCharles reported on Wednesday, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is mulling a sweeping set of proposals from the pro-gun camp that would further water down federal controls. In future, gun owners’ licences would run for 10 years or longer without renewal, up from five now. Paperwork now required to transport weapons would be waived. And certain prohibited firearms — ranging from small, easily concealed handguns to full-bore assault weapons—would be reclassified as restricted, making them easier to sell or transfer.

That is one thing I simply do not get about the Con party supporters? Their rush to the bottom, their absolute desire to take us in a direction of proven failure and destruction.

Why? Many other countries do not have the level of violence that the US does, and that is where a sane person would want to go.

12 days of austerity

a thread on twitter, #CPCXmasCarols inspired this song. Sing along!

on the first day of austerity, Harper gave to me, a pink slip made from a tree....

On the second day of austerity, Harper gave to me, a thousand dead ducks,
and a pink slip made from a tree...

On the third day of Christmas Harper gave to me, higher income inequality, a thousand dead ducks  and a pink slip made from a tree.

On the fourth day of Christmas Harper gave to me, polluted lakes and streams,  higher income inequality, a thousand dead ducks  , and a pink slip made from a tree.

On the fifth day of christmas, Harper gave to me............. F-35s!!!

polluted lakes and streams,  higher income inequality, a thousand dead ducks  , and a pink slip made from a tree.

On the sixth day of Christmas Harper gave to me poisoned tainted beef,


Like a bad penny.....

I will always turn up....

I have been away a fair bit.

Couple items:

I experienced a small heart attack. No pain really, just a tightness in the chest and some arm and back pain. I was at work, and drove myself to the emerg. (not the best plan) Ya..... As Dr Prole said. OMG! That's so YOU!
anyhoo. All was fine on the EKG but they ran lots of bloodwork and six hours later the enzymes were elevated. Blah blah.

No going home for you! I was hooked up to machines that go PING!

After a few days of waiting in the hospital, making the nurses absolutely crazy and complaining about the food (Anyone who knows me can imagine how this went. It wasn't actually food, more like reconstituted kibbles'n'bits with less salt. That may be another blog post, I have pictures to share) I was shipped to another hospital for an angiogram.
Now, I don't want to frighten anyone, but that test? Holy shite.
They clamp you to the fucking bed to close the femoral artery afterwards.

Seriously. Totally fucked up.

Good news. My heart is just dandy. No sign of heart disease. YAY! ME!
Bad news, I am just a stressed out git who decided to blow. Stress thing.


Last night a huge sigh of relief could be heard across North America and many other parts of the world, the Republican party lost pretty badly.

They not only lost badly, they really hadn't seen it coming.
President Obama was re-elected by a good enough margin to nullify many complaints that the GOP will come up with in the week's ahead.

And I will add that there was one more handicap, the electoral suppression being perpetrated by that same GOP in many state legislatures.

Now, I am not one of those who ever got caught up in the fantasy that Obama is somehow some great progressive hope. He's a middle of the road moderate in many ways, with some extra weight to the right on all fiscal issues. Corporate America has actually done very well under his watch, despite all their whining and carrying on to the contrary.

But back to the GOP and their very own media outlet getting caught with their pants down, as this fascinates me to no end. This video is hilarious, it shows the FOX talking heads going from giggling assured-ness early on, to total panic late in the evening. Ya. They is Fair and balanced. YUP! See, fair and balanced? That means that one doesn't take sides. Was there a smidgeon of doubt that the loss was a crushing personal blow to those airheads last night? 


Rove spent $300 million on this election, I betcha his donors want their money back this morning. Heh. Sucks to be him today.

"Community" newspaper abandons community.

The twitter has been alive today with mentions of a certain community newspaper that told a freelancer she could no longer cover actual news because of the petulant whinging of MP James Bezan, and then basically cut all ties with her because as a private citizen she signed a petition letter that hurt that same HarperCon MP's wittle foo foo.

Apparently he has a history with all the local papers. I mean, we know that the Conservative party is attempting to stimulate the economy through media intervention.  Screw roads and bridges and healthcare, they would much rather sink our tax dollars into advertising. Don't you know there are starving CEO's?

This story also has an interesting side twist that the PMO may be punishing people who protest what they are doing. The petition letter was sent to the MP and the PMO.

Two days

I know many of us here in Canada are obsessively watching the US elections.

We know how it affects us when the Repubs are in office.
I don't see that many differences between the Harper conservatives and the Romney republicans; they are both extreme when it comes to social issues, and both parties are too busy giving blow jobs to the companies that fund them to think about the environment and things like that.

Some do not see a diff between the Dems and the Repubs, but one only needs to look at issues that affect women to notice there is a massive difference. Granted, there is too much corporate money involved in the entire political process.

But I am still hoping for a Dem win anyway.

What are you planning on doing Tuesday evening?
We here at the Batcave will be watching the numbers rolling in and praying to our gods that Romney doesn't steal this one like Bush did in 2000.

I will be sipping from my Hillbilly sized bottle of BC wine, and watching twitta and Dkos. And probably yelling at the Tee Vee.

Join me, virtually!

Happy Halloween/Blessed Samhain.....

'Tis that day again, little goblins all ramped up on sugar, fog in the air...
Trick or Treat?
With the news of the storm called Sandy, it is hard to get into the holiday spirit at times.

But Sandy did turn up something that is almost Halloween related, a skeleton entangled in the roots of a tree that it blew over.

Superstorm Sandy Unearths Colonial-Era Skeleton

Really good photos at that link.

And a squirrel terrorized a neighbourhood when it got it's head stuck in a decoration and ran around attempting to get it off it's head....I cannot find the original article, but did find a copy of the original photo.



Happy Halloween all. 

Tomorrow is Happy discount chocolate day! I hope to celebrate that.
Spooky dreams.

Common sense in the kitchen.

Yanno, I do agree that the whole XL debacle is a great example of how important food safety and regulation is.
Totally. I get it. If we are going to allow these massive meat processing centers to operate, the main focus needs to be food safety.

I cook as part of my job, and hold food safe certification so I have actually been asked by quite a few people what I think about all this. 

Would you still eat it they ask?

And I'll tell you that I just treat all meats and veggies that come into my kitchen as though they have these bacteria's on them already. I think of it as a fail safe. I was actually a LOT more worried about my own food prep when we went through the Maple Leaf foods poisonings as that is supposed to be a ready to eat product.


Sisters, sibling rivalries, and realization.

Ya, I am Mama blogging. Bear with me.

Last evening after the gurlies had been put into bed and kissed and hugged, they got into a kerfuffle about a book.

The 7 year old had "borrowed" the book that her sister had taken out from the classroom library and she wanted it back. NOW!

I went in and told them that we could talk about it tomorrow, and that they needed to go to sleep.

A few minutes later an unholy wailing came from the bedroom, X2.
I went in again, and asked what was going on?
The answer: The 7 year old had told her sister she HATED her.
A couple minutes later she felt really terrible, because she remembered that she actually loves her.
So they were both lying there crying because they love each other.

Probably will never happen again. 
Dayum I have nice kids.

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