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Just wanted to say....

That it costs JUST pennies to make a call and spoof the caller ID.

You wanna make a call and pretend that that call is coming from somewhere else?

Totally doable!
And most likely, done.

You could purchase a card, and call.....NDP voters and pretend that you are calling from an NDP office fax line, for instance. You could tell the voters that they need to vote for the guy that has removed himself from the race.

It would split the vote and benefit someone like.....Gary Lunn. For instance. (And do throw in some shadowy third party advertising....Just for good bad measure....)(h/t Alison)

You can also do that online through sites that offer spoofing services.

Conservative Party of Canada subverts democracy? Again.

Since the Reform party merged with the Conservatives, we have been seeing a total disregard for the election process in Canada.

They became similar to the Republican party in the US in many many ways. As I have said before, they often act like a Republican franchise.  Interchangable in popular culture.



They have conducted this series of continuing attacks that are really against all of us....Let's start with this one, where they may have used the RCMP and fake allegations to influence an election.....

Elder Abuse

Have you all seen the commercials on Tee Vee lately? Courtesy of the Canadian Government, and paid for by all of us.
It is a very real problem which needs addressing.

But as always, it strikes a massive disconnect with what is going on with the Harper Government. In real time, they are now talking about "reform" (Reform means screw stuff up in Government double speak, BTW) of the pension system. Ta DA!

There are many places to research elder abuse as it does happen all too often. In the Wiki description, there are these parts:

Financial abuse:also known as financial exploitation. e.g. illegal or unauthorized use of a person’s property, money, pension book or other valuables (including changing the person's will to name the abuser as heir). It may be obtained by deception, coercion, misrepresentation, undue influence, or theft. The term includes fraudulently obtaining or use of a power of attorney. Other forms include deprivation of money or other property, or by eviction from own home.

Vic Toews: Standing up with fascists.

Ok Vic. You want to play this game?

Critics of a bill that would give law enforcement new powers to access Canadians' electronic communications are aligning themselves with child pornographers, Canada's public safety minister says.
"He can either stand with us or with the child pornographers," Vic Toews said of Liberal public safety critic Francis Scarpaleggia during question period on Monday, after Scarpaleggia asked about a bill expected to be tabled Tuesday.

Spying on Canadians with no checks and balances. Probably Definately will be used for political purposes. (Recall medical records being passed around so the Cons could smear honourable people?

That, my freinds, is aligning yourself with fascists and dictators.

Holy war on Women.

Anyone paying attention to the Brouhaha down south right now, that has to do with contraception and the decision from the Whitehouse that all women should have access to birth control?

I must admit, I really do not get the whole hoopla from the Catholics. The church has dropped a lot of their other bullshit ideas over the years. Like the Sun revolving around the earth for example.

But this one thing still sticks with the Catholic church, and the reasoning is pretty obvious.....It is because it lifts women out of servitude to their own Uterus's.

Can't have that.

The leaders of the Catholic Church are verrrrrrrrry quiet when it comes to priests having sex with children, but women being able to decide when to have children? They are in poutrage mode about that one. Jeebus, that is one screwed up set of priorities.

Most of the followers of that Church have figured out by now that the anti birth control doctrine is crap.


Timing eh?
Today, the Film Pink Ribbons, Inc. opened in theatres.

An exploration of the Pinkwashing by the Susan G Komen race for the cure.

And how perfectly useless and offensive SGK and all their corporate partners are. The National Film Board of Canada. ROCKS.
Here is the trailer.  Wait for the fireworks from evil litigious "charities". Popcorn?

Is this a fucking JOKE? Rant Mode. ON.

Fucking Jason Kenney is such a fucking gawd-damned hack. Part of a larger Fucking Gawd damned borg of the stoopid.

And that also includes fucking Sun News.

Documents released to The Canadian Press under access-to-information legislation show that just a few weeks before Canada's Citizenship Week last October, Mr. Kenney's staff directed departmental officials to add a last-minute citizenship ceremony at the network to their list of scheduled events.

Question? What the hell is Kenney doing deciding that Faux News North Sun News had to hold a ceremony?

No they are not connected at the fucking hip. Not a bit. Nah. 

They Live.

We watched the 1988 schlock film again the other night, They Live.
Most definitely a satire, based on the commercialism and greed of the 80's which was showcased just the previous year in 1987's Wall Street, it stands up very well even today in the age of #OccupyWallStreet.

Consume, sleep. OBEY.

These messages are being delivered to us through even more communication mediums in the 2010's; Social media, on one side is an equalizer and a great tool for grassroots movements. On the other side, it is used to make us consume and become far more complacent to the encroaching police state which has been growing faster since 9/11.

Cable which was still in it's infancy in the 80's is a major part of the film, the control of the masses is engineered through the signal emitting from the Cable station tower. Them good old days of over the air transmitting......


They are extremely obsessive, and mostly uneducated about their choice of saviour.

Today at work, Mr I read the Drudge report, and know very little about much of anything as a result was in teh store today.

Birther, global warming denier and a Paulbot. How fitting hey?

He thinks Ron Paul is going to save the US.
I mentioned that not so much for women. (Not so much in anything, but I was actually trying to avoid much of this convo)

He got all pissy and said I NEEDED TO READ MORE!

He thinks that the STATES SHOULD DECIDE! (not acknowledging the fact that a lot of states are debating draconian anti choice legislation to force women to become incubators because the fat white male fucks sitting in State legislatures are as anti choice as he is....)

After I said I disagree ( I wasn't about to smile and nod, but I also wasn't going to get into a debate at work), he stormed out, and opened the door a few seconds later and yelled something about _____ LIBERALS!


Newt Gingrich's (currently a frontrunner for the GOP on the faith and values magical mystery tour) ex wife has done an interview with ABC news.

This is ex wife the second. The first one he ditched when she had cancer. The second one was just freshly diagnosed with Scoliosis when he asked her for an open marriage and divorced when she declined.


I also found a site today that sayz that Newt's first wife was one of his high school teachers that he had an affair with starting at age 16 and married when he was 19, and she was 26. *blink*

What I learned during the blackout.

Hey there. We are now back on the air.

Today’s blackout has been very successful in many ways.

First off, 4 senators have backed off of the odious PIPA legislation and 2 Congressmen have abandoned SOPA. They are running away so fast that it looks like they are being chased by invisible demons.

This is good news indeed.

The main objective was reached! To inform. The corporate media simply could not ignore the blackout, so they had to actually talk about the reasons for it. 

I learned again, that some people are just bloody stoopid.
The howls from some who were trying to access Wiki brought much mirth and shaking of heads throughout the day.

Darkness falls.


If you want a canuck badge, feel free.

This SOPA thing that has been mostly ignored by the corporate media (some of us would say on purpose, because it seems that many of the big US corporations that run the show are in support of this "legislation" and they would like it to fly under the radar of the sheeples) has been a big topic in internet circles.

A doorknock dinner. pale's Mock Won Ton Soup.

There used to be a show on Food Network, Door knock dinners.
The premise was that a chef and a camera crew would descend on a house, and cook a meal with what they could find in the kitchen.
Consequently, some of my more "creative" meals made with what is on hand, are called....Door knock dinners. This one, has become a regular in the house.
And it keeps the vampires away. And really, who has wonton wrappers on hand?

pale's mock Wonton soup.

1 pkg ground pork. (These are usually about 2 pounds where I shop)
½ onion pureed
4-5 cloves garlic pureed
¼ cup bread crumbs
½ small can water chestnuts chopped VERY fine.
3 Tbsp milk
1 egg
2 tbsp soy sauce (Kikkoman. Better flavour)

Optional: Grated ginger, 1/2 teaspoon. (Was a bit too spicy for the Gurleys. But really nice)

mix, form into small meatballs 1 ½ tbsp, bake on cookie sheet at 350f until browned and cooked through. Browning adds flavour to the soup. 20 mins or so?


4-6 cups chicken stock.
2 cups Chinese cabbage shredded
1 cup carrots julienne
½ cup celery, fine.
1 tsp sesame oil
2 tbsp Kikkoman
Chopped green onion

Not exactly as advertised.

From one day of stoopid, and on to the next hey?

A few years back, the Supreme court made a ruling....Many same sex couples flocked to Canada, to say their vows and spent thousands of dollars to do so.

But as always, the Harpercons cannot let something they hate go. No matter that it should be settled law.

In a nutshell, government lawyers are arguing in court that if same-sex couples could not be legally married in their home country, then their Canadian wedding is not valid.

Butta bing.

How do you think people are feeling today? Shafted? Bereft? Pissed off? De-legitimized?

Think how you would feel. You have been married for years now. You invested many dollars in this commitment. You may have waited years and years for the opportunity to become a legal couple with solemn vows. 

You may have kids. 

Then suddenly, BOOM.

Sorry, we forgot to mention this part.....It's not reallllllllllllly valid.

It's like getting a mail order doctorate. Worth as much as this one I made here at ACR.

Become a DOCTER in yer spare tyme.

Contempt of country. Rant mode. ON.

Yanno. I know we have been down this garden path before.

The Harpercons do something really stupid. (Daily occurrence)

Then when people react  (the employers of the Government, to be technically accurate)....They start calling us names, names designed to DE-legitimize our rights and concerns.

Left wing fringe.....Remember that little quip from the PM during a speech to the party faithful? Jeebus, that looks more like a religious revival than a political talk.

And BTW, chickie poo's....If you have any plans on being heard instead of just being seen? You may anger the PM.... So STFU already about women's rights. We don't think those are relevant. 

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