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History, always repeats.

Because mostly? People are too fucking stoopid to pay attention.

So many are critical of the Occupy movement, but they really cannot give any relevant facts or reasons for being that way.
Just soundbites.
GET A JOB! Lazy dirty hippies. Wealthy college kids! Throw every stereotype out there and the media will glom onto all of them simultaneously, and they will be repeated by lazy Joe's and Jane's all over the land.

The corporate media all play deaf blind and dumb to the actual message so they do not have to acknowledge what is going on, and why the 99% are getting restless.

The facts that should speak for themselves, they have been evident now for some years. (That link is to an article from 2006) Those same facts that are also to be found in any history book.

Ya. We came a long way. Baybay.

Or something like that.

But that road is still a hundred million miles long. Wage disparity and discrimination are still daily battles.

And sexual harassment.

Often enough, even though sexual harassment is considered social pariah territory,  it still depends on who is being accused.

There is the rape blame game, and the sexual harassment limbo.

How low can they go?

Herman Cain, the most current frontrunner for the US GOP presidential nomination, has been exposed as a serial harasser. One allegation was exposed, Cain insisted it was not true. No one was paid any settlements, he said.

It has since gone from there, to more women coming forward, and the knowledge that lots of money was paid to settle out of court.

Two women have come forward,  full names.

The GOP and other "conservatives" have been smearing and making lots of accusations. 

But they are aiming their anger at the victims. 

Russian Unicorn. A bad lip reading

Ya. I know. But this still cracks me up.

This was filmed in Vancouver. I am just rambling to get this to post. The crazy ass webmistress has set this to 25 words.

Canadian cities are attempting to "clean up" the occupations.

Written for Dkos. Crossposting.

A tragic death happened this weekend.

Occupy Vancouver protesters say they will not be peacefully removed from the lawn of the city's art gallery following the death of a demonstrator.

An official cause of death of the woman in her 20s has not been released, but a worker with the tent city says it was a drug overdose, the second in three days, although the first was not fatal.

The woman, whose name has not been released, was found unresponsive in her tent at around 5 p.m. PT on Saturday and taken to hospital, where she was later pronounced dead. There was nothing to indicate her death was suspicious, police said.

Coffee warz. A rant.

This weeks newz is that Timmy's is trying to muscle in on the Starbucks clientele.

Of course using a word like clientele in a sentence with Timmy's is kinda mind blowing to start with.

Timmy's is that same place that uses the corporate tagline, Always fresh, that serves the baked elsewhere-flash frozen and shipped from some undisclosed factory-then convection microwaved baked goods, and coffee that has been going downhill for sometime.....You know the place? Stephen Harper even ditches the United Nations for Timmy's photo ops.


They are soon going to be offering fake lattes and cappuccino's starting at $2.

Now that just screams quality, don't it?


Happy Halloween!

I have discovered something horrible this year.

My littlest gurlies, the ones who have lived with me in my Halloween themed house their whole lives, are suddenly petrified of many of the decorations that I love so much.

I tell ya. What a pair of wussies.

I brought out my talking skull, named Boris, and it was like a classic case of hysteria. Running screaming, hiding under the covers. Real fear. Not faked.

Boris, has a microphone, and when you talk into it he changes the pitch and his mouth moves.

They are even scared of Esther; she is a skeleton in a wedding dress that sings. This is made even more bizarre because she was never ever packed away in a box. She resides in my bedroom or on the couch, or a chair somewhere.
She gets moved around and is arranged in different poses. It is a running joke.

Much the same as the hand that is often left hanging out of drawers or peeking out from under the chesterfield.

F bombs VS rat droppings....And a must see montage

The news is all alight with the question of the day..

Should Rob Ford Apologize to the 9/11 operator?

But the thing that has made me go WTF? is this one.....Did Rob Ford, the dude who FEARS Marg Delahunty, (portrayed by Mary Walsh) swear at the 9/11 operator?

A police source said the mayor got impatient and called the 9-1-1 service a second time and got into a heated discussion with the dispatchers.
The source, who is familiar with the events, disagreed however with a CBC Radio report that said Mr. Ford had used profanities in his discussion with the dispatcher.

HUH? So the Globe and Mail publishes an anon statement, (yet another chickenshit) disputing another statement, and the gist is that what Ford did was perhaps not as bad, because he was simply abusive as opposed to dropping the FBomb?
Holy fuck.

Rick Mercer's challenge.

Cops, athletes, soldiers, Cabinet Ministers....
Come out of the closet. Maybe save some lives....

I highly doubt the cabinet minister he was referring to will be doing that anytime soon......

Good on Mr Mercer.
300 a year. That is a national shame.

Flaherty predicts....

pale 2009

Madame Flaherty hath spoken.

OTTAWA - Finance minister Jim Flaherty says he expects the Canadian and U.S. economies will have modest growth next year - and brushed off concerns Friday about Canada's inflation rate.
Consumer prices jumped 3.2% in the 12 months to September, while the core annual inflation rate hit 2.2%, according to numbers released Friday by Statistics Canada.

But, considering the track record, stock up on essentials. Hide any and all cash under yer mattress, and be prepared. This will not go well.

But, we already kinda knew that.



Wrath of sour grapes.

Oh boy howdy. Today on the great Orange Satan, Michael Moore posted a diary.
He talks about his new book.

I'd like to take this moment to first thank you for buying it, borrowing it, or stealing it -- however you acquired it, I'm just happy you've got it.

Then he discusses OWS, and lists the facts

Licia Corbella: ACR's Asshole of the day.

This is the title of the hit piece: Occupy Calgary 'meeting' one of the funniest things I've witnessed in months

Condescending, insulting. And just downright yella' journalism. None of the issues are discussed, and she cherry picks exactly what she thinks will support her pre-position...Of the ilk of Alison Kosik, and that other moronic hack, Erin Burnett. 

This one was brought to you by the Postmedia Network corporate office. (Formerly Canned West)


Even hardcore Texas thinks Harper's criminally stoopid crime plan is stoopid.

Because they already did that. Miserable failure.
It cost Billions to warehouse people, made the crime rate go higher and was quite frankly, evil.

So a few years ago, they figured out what an abhorrent waste of money (and lives) it was, and they started doing stuff like rehab and community intervention.
And the numbers were and are startling.

But Harper and his crew will stick to the script, because that is what the single issue voters that support them want.

And the ones who are going to make a nice chunk'o'change want it too.

Private prisons are highly profitable. Taxpayer dollars pay to put people in prison for mandatory sentences, these corporations are not doing it as a community service.

Topeka Kansas decriminalizes domestic violence.

Because.....It was too expensive to prosecute?
From Kos:

This is what austerity and shared sacrifice looks like in Topeka, Kansas: asking victims of violent crimes to sacrifice their right to justice because justice isn't in the budget.

Are y'all sure we are not in the twilight zone?

ACR: October Edition.

Well, we seem to be about the only blog that decorates for the Holidays, so why break with tradition?

In other housekeeping notes, we are going to finally upgrade this sad ol' thing to a newer version. Wheeee.
More bells and whistles and drag and drop blocks and stuff. Coming in November. (cue maniacal laughter)

Why must life constantly interfere with blogging? I ask you?

There is a massive outcry in the US, against the very things that the Harper admin are implementing at this very moment.

I have asked this question before. No one on the Conservative side can give an answer. Just more failed mythology and complete lies. Seriously. Not. One. Factual. Rebuttal.

Are the Canadian public really that dumb? It would appear that they are.

Recall a couple years back when Harper and his admin decided they were going to kill public funding of elections? And the outcry? And now they are doing it again?

But since almost 39% of the 60% of voters that bothered to get out there have sealed the fates for us...

What is the main message I see coming from the regular people of the US? The 99%?

Corporate money out of Government. 

There are also a lot of people who think that the US election system has to be completely overhauled to take corporate money out of the equation. Make elections publicly funded.

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